Hier vind je video's die horen bij The Fire Starter Sessions. Bij elke sessie staat een video. Als er in een sessie meerdere video's te zien zijn, staan de titels van de volgende filmpjes ónder de eerste video. Je kunt ze bekijken door op de titel te klikken.


* Trailer voor het boek The Fire Starter Sessions: "A credo for making it happen"

             video 1



* Video bij Session 1 – Declare your superpowers: "What makes you feel stronger"

            video les 1

Andere video's bij Session 1: "What do people thank you for most often?"
                                          "What are you intensely interested in?"


* Video bij Session 2 – The metrics of ease: "What would your life be like if you only did what was easy?"

            video les 2

Andere video's bij Session 2: "When do you choose quality? When do you choose cheap?"


* Video bij Session 3 – The strategy of desire: "How do you want to feel?"

            video les 3


* Video bij Session 4 – The burning questions: "Who do you admire… and why?"

            video les 4

Andere video's bij Session 4: "What do people thank you for most often?" 
"What's chronic, repetitive or  inflamed in you life?" 
"Whats underneath your defenition of succes?"


* Video bij Session 5 – Facing Forward: "What have you pulled of?"

            video les 5


* Video bij Session 6 – Visioneering: "Why do you want what you want?"

            video les 6

Andere video's bij Session 6: "A visualisation for creation"


* Video bij Session 7 – Fear and other tough stuff: "Why are you afraid?"

            video les 7

Andere video's bij Session 7: "Where are you forcing yourself to be better?"



* Video bij Session 8 – Comforting failure: "What's your favorite failure?"

            video les 8


* Video bij Session 9 – No, thank you. Yes, please: "What's on your Stop Doing list?"

            video les 9


* Video bij Session 10 – Make stuff that feels good to make: "When does your muse visit you?"

            video les 10

Andere video's bij Session 10: "What business are you really in?"


* Video bij Session 11 – How you show up in the world: "The all about you interview"

            video les 11

Andere video's bij Session 11: "If you knew that your art would support your life, how would you live?"


* Video bij Session 12 – Calling all sovereigns of time: "What's your relationship to time?"

            video les 12

Andere video's bij Session 12: "What's the current proportion in your life?" 
"What does your perfect 12 hours look like?"


* Video bij Session 13 – Money: more is more. Enough is plenty: "What's your most common
   emotion around money?"

            video les 13

Andere video's bij Session 13: "What's your purpose for money?"
                                            "How much money do you want to make in a year?"


* Video bij Session 14 – Supporting Characters: "What's your worldview?"

            video les 14


* Video bij Session 15 – Be the giver: "In your future: what will you be grateful for?"

             video les 15


* Video bij Session 16 – Just start. Now: "What matters most in your beingness?"

            video les 16